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Being awake now offends every fiber of my being.

I had weird dreams all night. I dreamed I was dreaming about going to church, which is something I haven't done since I was thirteen, after which I dreamed that I was Sailormoon (again), followed by this whole weird thing between Venus and Mars they're all right tonight, and another one where I dreamed I was MARY THE DUCK and I was hiding in a closet from Xelloss-sama, but then I was me, and there were all these French guys damn you, Pascal, and I made one of them buy Mom really expensive shoes so I could borrow them, because he was having an affair with her but hitting on me, and I was going to blackmail him.

Noooow I am going to have a headache all day. more coffee.

shine shine.
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Well, today was supposed to be Study Java day, but it turned out to be Spend Five Hours And An Obscene Amount of Money at the Mall With Punkin and Leah day. sigh. after I finish dinner, I will study. will. will will will.

I am now possessed of a great deal of Sun-Kissed Raspberry scented things and am going to be so broke until I get my January check from Daddydear. oohh well. At least I will be well-moisturized and smell good.

I want Tom Lehrer to be my new daddy, I do.

We are going home the day after tomorrow. I have my Java final at eight tomorrow, have to go pick up a course catalog and deposit a check, do laundry, pack, and then I can have a Nice Long Nap..

I have to be up in twelve hours. blech.

I seem not to have anything entertaining to say. I am tired and do not want to study, but it's only one more day. Sixteen hours, and it's all over. I can burn all my notebooks.

be shiny, spluts. I'll try to cough up something cute tomorrow or the day after.
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Other events of earth-shattering importance which I neglected to mention previously -

I fell on the ice on the way to class yesterday and put a hole in my jeans, so my mommy is going to buy me a new pair tomorrow. Right now, I'm down to two, and one is evil GIRL PANTS that mock me by unzipping themselves at inopportune moments, which is no doubt why I have a tendency to leave my shirts untucked.

I knocked my ringholder over last night, and one of my amethyst rings somehow managed to chip a big piece out of itself. I am saddened, but mother said we can prly get the stone replaced. I hope so. That was the one she bought me in place of a class ring, as I loathed high school, and before she started overcompensating for things by buying me a plethora of jewelry which I usually break or lose.

That's all.
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She also brought pink body glitter. The jar says it will make me smell "fresh and slightly fruity."

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WHEE my mother made it here alive, even though the 3.5 hour trip took her SEVEN. I was alarmed. It's sooo gross out, though; she tried to take me to Olive Garden, but all the nice restaurants are closed for weather, so we're going tomorrow. We ended up at a nice, empty Pizza Hut, because my poor stomach rebels at the idea of even one more burrito from Taco Bell.

My beautiful baby car. I had to literally DIG it out, because there was snow all over it and around it and under it, and the ice on the back window was so hideously thick. It's such a darling, though; I almost got it stuck in snow three or four times on the way, and it was just like "dammit, mom" and worked itself out. love love love love. Love for starting, love for moving, love for not running into a truck, love for parking on top of another pile of snow. sigh.

My mother who loves me brought me a bag of food. TWO variety packs of instant coffee, a box of green tea, a twelve-pack of Coke, a box of peaches oatmeal, a bag of CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES *die*, chocolate Teddy Grahams, and a pound of M&Ms. The last, I assume, being a flashback to her own college days, because she told me once how she ate a whole pound bag in one sitting without realizing it while studying for something.

It is 10:34, and I would have to be asleep right now to get eight hours. sigh. I'm hoping to make it by 12:30 and get six. I have more than enough coffee to last me the week.

Now I must go try to learn about contraction and expansion of the money supply so I can not flunk my final in....twelve hours.

Shine, world.
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More of this damn American self-analysis obsession crap.

Your view on yourself

You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of girl/boyfriend you are looking for.

You are not looking merely for a girl/boyfriend - you are looking for your life partner. Perhaps you should be more open-minded about who you spend time with. The person you are looking for might hide their charm under their exterior.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship.

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love.

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you.

You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

How do you view success?

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Do not give up when you have not even started yet! Be courageous!

What are you most afraid of?

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self?

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart, rather than your head, needs to solve.


Dec. 13th, 2000 10:49 am
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It has been a rather long few days, and it is going to be an excruciatingly long week. I have a final tomorrow, one Friday, a web page due Sunday, two finals Monday, and one Wednesday. All but one are comprehensive. If I don't update much, I'm asleep on my textbooks.

oh well. Mother comes tonight, and she will entertain me between fits of hysteria.

Punker and I are going home next Thursday morning. whee.

It snows. I am not very amused with this. I dislike to walk in it.

I slept until 9:30. It was nice. I have to get up at six thirty tomorrow, because our Java presentation is at 9:30, my econ final is at 10:30, and I need a little time to study...crap. I bet I'm supposed to buy a blue book, aren't I. vomit. Those offend me inexplicably.

Now I have little WHITE pills to make me a Perky Princess.

Chatting with my sibling is far more amusing than our real-life interaction. "I think that you're going to have a hard time explaining to Dad that you need a new computer because your old one turned into Xelloss and is currently feeding off your classmates." *tee hee...hee...hehehehehehheheheheeMWAHAHAHAHA*



um. ANYWAY....

I should go see if that woman is done cleaning the bathroom yet, so I can have my shower, go eat lunch, and start in on the econ for real this time. sigh. Everyone shine for me.
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Here I am.

Sunday night. I came back to this world at five-thirty, did laundry, the dishes, and my nails.

let's see.

I must have been distracted on Wednesday, because I did intend to write more after that. Thursday was a totally hell day and will result in an ungodly phone bill. Friday I took Punkin and Leah-2 shopping, read something, dorked around, and finished up with the Java.

Yesterday I made an unexpected Haute run, because Jennifer was dragging some poor dumb boy out for their scary LARPing thingies and wanted me to go with. So I got to ride shotgun and sat with my knees pressed against the dashboard so Whatsie in the back would have leg room and prayed while Jen of the lead foot shot past three police cars at 90 mph. I think the maximum speed during the trip was 102. That girl must have some kind of magic cop-repelling force field around her car, because she didn't get pulled over.

um. now it's hours after I started this. I have noooo attention span.

I am exceedingly tired, but that is to be expected. It's worth it, anyway. He is the most precious thing to me, and there is nowhere I'd rather be.

I think I will go to bed early too. shine, world.
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My fridge contains twelve cans of Coke, a two-month-old jar of grape jelly, and a cup full of condiment packets which I somehow felt compelled to squirrel away. My rutilated quartz power beads are frozen to the bottom of the freezer. After I've eaten all the food in there, I will get the hair dryer and attempt to set them free.

I have to go see Blonde Michelle today. She's prly going to be mad at me, because I missed my appointment on Friday. I thought the one today was supposed to be instead of that one, not in addition to it.

I'm sure I'll have something snarky to say about it later.

I should write a letter to my non-taser grandma. Dad's mother. She is going to be ninety in March, dislikes my mother, tells me I'm her favorite, and thinks I hate her. I don't hate her. I just become discouraged when she runs to Daddydear with everything I tell her, twisting it to make me look like the bitch from hell. I really don't remember her being so psychotic when I was younger. I would say she's getting senile, but she's remarkably coherent and prly picks up on more than I think she does. I just don't know what to say to her anymore that won't lead to Dad blowing a gasket.

I definitely get to go see that boy, but I need not to think about it until I'm home. I have enough to occupy myself with over the next couple weeks without having premature hissy fits about my hair.

oh hell. Today is Add Sheet Day. Hello, machine gun men. There are two machine gun women this year, too. I feel really bad that they have to stand out there in the cold, waving ads at college students who consider them a lower form of life than one-celled amoeba, but not bad enough to fill my backpack with coupons for fake-baking and oil changes.

My backpack is full enough as is. I wondered where all my pencils went, and I found twelve in the bottom yesterday. Maybe I will be lucky, and one will have lead in it.

It snowed a little bit. I am no end thrilled.
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Today was really not worth the trouble. I feel inclined to blow my mind

I managed to wake up and get ready for psych in an hour instead of the usual hour and fifteen minutes. I even stayed awake in class and through Java. Then I got to rot in a lab again. Such is the way of my life. Then I came back, ate a sandwich, went to evilpookie, came back, checked my mail, and discovered I missed another meeting.

I feel inclined to blow the minds of others.

I downloaded vast amounts of old songs, and now I am letting this one depress me...memories of another lifetime. GOD, what was I thinking?

This is a very striking kind of day.

Five more stupid days of classes.

I am afraid to check my school mail. At this point, I just don't want to know...WHEE nothing new.

I want to eat popcorn, but I can't because I had two candy bars today. The bookstore was giving away Butterfingers, and I got a cookies and cream Hershey bar when Punkie and I took the car out for walkies. if I hadn't, we were going to risk a low blood sugar moment. That can get ugly, fast.

I was SO GOOD. I only spent $14.70, which is prly the smallest amount of money I've blown at hellworld in my whole college career.

well, shit. I may have to eat popcorn anyway, because I am hungry. Stress makes me into a little leopard piglet..



Dec. 5th, 2000 01:12 pm
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this from my aunt a while back:

> Here is your amusement for the day:
> Call National Discount Brokers
> 1. Dial 1-800-888-3999
> 2. Listen to all of the recorded options
> 3. Pay attention to option 7.
> 4. Hit 7
> Every Company should have an option 7

I finally got around to it, and I think I have to go bury my head in the sand now.
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I lived through another weekend. If I make it through this week, it's a fairly safe bet I'll manage until I go home again. goodie.

okay, here is this damn thing:

Your Existing Situation

Sensitive; needs esthetic surroundings, or an equally sensitive and understanding partner with whom to share a warm intimacy.

Your Stress Sources

Feels unappreciated and finds the existing situation threatening. Wants personal recognition and the esteem of others to compensate for the lack of like-minded people with whom to ally herself and make herself more secure. Her sensual self-restraint makes it difficult for her to give herself, but the resulting isolation leads to the urge to surrender and merge with another. This disturbs her as she regards such instincts as weaknesses to be overcome; only by not succumbing to them, she feels, can she withstand the difficulties of the situation. Wants to be valued as a desirable associate and admired for her personal qualities.

Your Restrained Characteristics

Clings to her belief that her hopes and ideas are realistic, but needs encouragement and reassurance. Applies very exacting standards to her choice of a partner and wants guarantees against loss or disappointment.
Conditions are such that she will not let herself become intimately involved without making mental reservations.
Circumstances are such that she feels forced to compromise for the time being if she is to avoid being cut off from affection or from full participation.

Your Desired Objective

Wants to make a favorable impression and be recognized. Needs to feel appreciated and admired. Sensitive and easily hurt if no notice is taken of her or if she is not given adequate acknowledgment.

Your Actual Problem

Depleted vitality has created an intolerance for any further stimulation, or demands on her resources. This sense of powerlessness, combined with frustration that she cannot control events, subjects her to agitation, irritation, and acute distress. She tries to escape these by stubborn insistence on her own point of view, but the general condition of helplessness renders this often unsuccessful. Is therefore very sensitive to criticism and quick to take offense.

Your Actual Problem #2

Needs to be valued and respected as an exceptional individual, in order to increase her self-esteem and her feeling of personal worth. Resists mediocrity and sets herself high standards.


I think I get to go see that boy for New Year's. Between that and the Family Excursion, my itchy little wings should be calm through next semester.

If his parents eat me, it won't matter anyway.

sigh. I suppose this means I should try not to eat the entire world over the holidays. oooh well.

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I am far too amused with this.

Things on this list I would name a kid: Victoria, Coralie, Sabrina, Tabitha, Eva, Ardelia, Lucinda, Sibyl, Clarissa, Julianna, Alexandra. Some of these are just really frightening. Others hold enough personal amusement for me that I'll be snickering all night.

Kitty ranked 987th most popular in the country. Princess is 1349. Precious is 1413. Sparkle is 3762.

I have not done CRAP today. I got back from class at one and have sat here on my butt pretty much since then. Michelle the Much-to-be-Pitied called and left a message, but I didn't call her back. I checked my mail after dinner, noted a new message for an evilpookie meeting today dated six hours before, and didn't bother to open it. that ulcer can wait. WHY do they persist in not letting me know until a few hours before. I do not check my school mail twelve times a day.

oh. fucking. well.

I watched The Wedding Singer and was neither amused nor disgusted. Then I cried for a while because I got spoiled to human companionship while I was home and don't have anyone to play with now and because there are blonde girls in the hall and because there's nothing on TV.

Seven more class days. Twelve days until Mom comes. Nineteen days until I go home again and can be entertained. I almost called my mother, but now it's 12:20, so I had prly better not.

I intended to do a lot of work today, but I was waiting until the boys went to anime club, and then they didn't go, so, um, yeah.

I should go get a glass of water or something.
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I was Mistress 23 for a while this evening, even though I did not have the appropriate hair for the occasion. This time in the semester brings out the 23 in all of us.

Victoria is making big yummy bubble gum burps.

let's see. Today was Thursday, I think.

I was sorely tempted to cut evilpookie but forced myself to go, because there are only three more lectures after today, and if I cut that one, ten to one I'd cut them ALL. I was rewarded for this when he let us go half an hour early. there is a God I cannot wait for that class to end.

We were kind of productive this morning. We had a stupid Java meeting, which made me feel deficient somehow. Then I finally got around to making my follow-up appointment with the inexplicably vaguely offensive psychiatrist man, a week from Tuesday, so he can write me another prescription so I don't kill my family over break. Then I got a REAL APPOINTMENT for my damn graduation check, during which I will prly find out that I am required to take Ag Science 251 or something equally enthralling.

I seem to remember a lot of Coke after that.

I was very bad and fed my Corelle Summer Blush kitchen accessory obsession with the glass cutting board thing. That was the piece I wanted next the most after the canisters. I will have to drag everything out of my closet when I get home and pet look at it. Whyyy do I want to be a perfectly coordinated domestic goddess.

because it's less of a bitch than programming. right.

Graphics are evil nemesis. When I become dictatrix of the galaxy, we're all going back to command-line systems.

nngh. Do other people get the big, red typing bump on the bottom of their right hands, almost the wrists, or is it only Punkie and me.

Today I decided to entertain the hall with Bill's Antichrist-mas tapes and the first Sailormoon Christmas album. Happy holidays, you HUMANS.

I've been watching that boy's webcam for several hours now. He doesn't believe me when I tell him he's cute, but he is. He'll lean over or turn to look behind him, and something in the curve of his neck or the tilt of his head will melt me into nothing.

tomorrow is Friday. Econ, more Java, and prly staying up far too late for no good reason.

Happy December.
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I have not yet begun my three-page psych paper due tomorrow. I let Jen next door borrow my notebook yesterday morning, because I am not awake enough for that class to make connections between notes and papers, and need to retrieve it before I can really do anything. I also need to read at least one chapter of econ and work on that damn Java some more.

I think the dead triplet is sucking away my life force in another attempt to gather enough energy to incarnate.


I think I am an abstract cosmic class.

If I ever give birth, it will be to the dead triplet. Once she has enough energy, she will spark into life inside me. After she has completed her preparations, she will come out as a baby and then do a kind of Chibiusa/Black Lady transformation sequence thing, and then we're all doomed.

Um. Or maybe she is going to incubate inside Punkie. ovaries and pitchforks do not mix.

I am quite happy with my new toothbrush.

one Coke two Coke red Coke blue Coke. I have fifty cans of diet Coke in my room. two in the fridge, and four twelve-packs next to it. Pray that it lasts three weeks.


Mom comes two weeks from today for some accounting thingie. she is staying for three nights. That Friday night, she is staying with ME. goody for bonding time. oh well. she will buy me food.

like I need to eat MORE.

I am having thoughts right now that I would really like to express in here, but I am having a very hard time thinking of a way to phrase them that is not going to offend several people who may or may not read this.

ah, fuck it.


...sorry. I have to do that every so often. It bubbles to the surface when I'm too tired/stressed/cranky/misunderstood to humor/support/ignore eighty percent of the people I know. I am glad they have things to make them happy, but it's like if all your friends are into Precious Moments dolls and it makes you want to vomit. Most of the time it doesn't matter, but sometimes, it's just like...yeeeeesh.

oh well. if I were interested in anything at all, I could make friends interested in the same things, and this mini-rant would be obsolete.

I must go see if Jen is in. shine.
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There are some people who never fail to enrage me to breaking point in less than ten seconds, even if they live more than two hundred miles away and I haven't spoken to them in years.

ah well. Karma will avenge me you little fuck.

okay, fine. here is this thing:

You live in a House.
You're married to Paul.
You drive a Saturn.
Your car is the color silver.
You live in the state Montana.
Your honeymoon is Manitoba.
Your occupation is a splutmomma.
You have this many kids: 0 (0 male; 0 female).

I will settle for that and be content with it.

So far, I have done half my evilpookie homework for tomorrow and read both psych and Russian for the week. I intended to do all of the evilpookie in one sitting instead of the reading, but my legs and lower back were killing me beautiful girl parts need to be removed enough that I only wanted to do passive homework. So I have two problems ten thousand subproblems left to do in the next four hours. I will go to bed at ten thirty. I will try to read for half an hour before I fall asleep. I started Jane Austen's Emma while I was home. That book drags, but I am curious as to if it is going to develop any real plot, or if it's just a very long character sketch.

I know you are supposed to underline book titles. I find italics to be more aesthetically pleasing.

why do I only eat junk food.

I get to go to Minneapolis with my dumb family the day after Christmas. I never go anywhere with them, but, as previously mentioned, I need to get out of this state before I snap, and I like long car trips when I am not the one driving. I am about desperate enough that I would even have agreed to go with if they were headed back to Yellowstone.

I got a 90 on the Russian test I thought I seriously bombed. Maybe I can study for REAL THIS TIME and get a high A on the final and pull an A in the class. That would be SO nice. two A's and three B's would make a 3.4, which is only .04 lower than my cumulative anyway.

If I do really well on the evilpookie final, I might manage an A- in there, considering the project is sure to get a high grade, and I get whatever they get, even though I've done absolutely nothing for it. sigh. I don't like to think about that.

my left foot is asleep.

I do not understand people who put themselves on their friends lists.

ack. I forgot to post this. here we go.
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I suppose I should update this damn thing.

I am back at school. malheureusement. Today I have to do all the homework due this week that I managed to avoid last week. sigh. I suck. Seventeen days until my mother comes. Twenty-three days until I go home again. That's not so long. Seven more econ and Russian lectures. Five more evilpookie and Java lectures. bleah bleah bleah bleah.

let's see. What did I do over break.

Saturday - lay around and watched movies. ate like a pink piglet.

Sunday - lay around and watched more movies. ate like a pink piglet's mother.

Monday - I have absolutely no memory of Monday.

Tuesday - went to my grandma's with my mother and listened to my five-week old baby cousin Barbie Kira scream for hours.

Wednesday - lay under the dining room table being depressed until my stupid heart won out over my stupid brain and I decided to go pick that boy up after all. spent the rest of the day hosing down the basement and trying to clean up the hellhole that was my room after thirteen weeks of my absence.

Thursday - went to my grandma's, listened to Kira scream, ate food. ate more food. glomped on my aunt. glomped on my other aunt. glomped on my mother. ate like a pink piglet's mother's mother.

Friday - went far away to Overland Park to pick up that boy. was mildly traumatized by his family. took him to my grandma's to hear the baby scream, only to find her miraculously silent for the entire two hours. ate food. tried to make him eat food. was chewed on by my grandma, two aunts, and an uncle because HE WOULDN'T EAT FOOD. was terribly amused by my whole family and my uncle's friend Scott. That boy may recover from the experience someday. went home. ate pizza. became suddenly and inexplicably exhausted. watched brat and her weird friend Blue make madness with his external burner that he brought over. stayed up until 3:15 burning CDs.

Saturday - woke up at 7:30 because I was sleeping upstairs on the sofa bed and my dad was putzing around in the kitchen. went downstairs to sleep on the couch and ended up burning more atrocities. let that boy sleep until I got bored. pounced. painted his toenails. eventually my mother and I took him back to his aunt's. was further traumatized by his family, but prly deserved it. stopped by my grandma's again on the way home. Kira screamed the whole time. damn kid. did laundry. packed.

Sunday - woke up at 11:19. ate food. packed. bought a car kit for my Discman after not getting around to it for three years. ate more food. sneaked Coke and food into the car. picked up Punkie and left at 3:30. sat in traffic for too long. got back, fed the car, fed our faces, fed the economy at Wal Mart, came back, watched the network go boom, ironed shirts.


My aunt finally removed the part of an Exotic Princess sticker off the Bitchmobile's back window, and I put a new one on today. IT IS SPARKLY.

Other sources of amusement: new pink toothbrush with oddly slanted bristles that make my gums bleed hurt, and new pink hairbrush with nice plastic bristles with round things on the end that will not wind up pushed completely out of shape and rendered ineffective within a week like the boar bristle ones I had been buying for years.

I have not checked my school mail for a week and am terrified there will be something about evilpookie.

I am not feeling particularly amusing at the moment, so I will leave this for later and attempt to be productive now that I have finished my lunch. shine.
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Well, here we are.

I got dressed today for the first time since I've been home. I was a leopard all weekend. No one was here but me anyway, so it didn't matter.

The carpet offended me enough that I vacuumed it. I hate carpet.

I should be writing my psych paper, but I am singularly uninspired. I may work on evilpookie homework instead. DAMN THAT MAN for assigning work over break.

Biskie comes home tomorrow night. I may go to see my grandma and crazy aunts tomorrow afternoon. I do not intend to let mother out of my sight tomorrow.

Punkin's dad came over this morning and brought me money. I had just finished making up. It was strange. I was surprised anyone thought I'd be awake before eleven in the first place.

sigh. I am bored. But I prefer to be bored at home. as opposed to bored at school..
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Tomorrow is happy Going Home Day. We went out and fed the Bitchmobile [gah. BitchMOBILE, not BitchWAGON. Dad gets to drive THAT godawful thing] and bought sticky glitter snot hands and heard the voice of God at Wal Mart. This happens more often than one might expect.

I don't know how often I'll update at home. a couple times, at least. I intend to enjoy Saturday and Sunday offline anyway. While they are all gone, upstairs becomes my domain, and I need to roll around on the carpet and rub against the furniture to re-mark it with my scent. And shed on everything on which it will show up nicely, and push gum wrappers between all the cushions, drink up all the milk, and shred tissues all over the living room floor to express some discontent at being abandoned upon re-entry. Then, when they return, I will bite ankles and steal food off Mom's plate while refusing to eat my own dinner.

This is partially why I refuse to reproduce. If I had a daughter like me, I'd wring her little neck.

Actually, we would either be like Usagi and Chibiusa, or we would be inseparable and gang up on that boy.

heh. Mom and I swing back and forth.

It was Thanksgiving dinner in the dining halls. I ate enough stuffing, yams, corn, and cheesecake and pie to destroy me. Note to self: When tummy is upset, it does not want more food crammed into it.

I feel really bad for the poor blonde intern. I was so mooned out when I went to see her yesterday that I didn't want to talk about anything real and risk knocking myself out of Princess mode. I feel like this is all going to be a waste of her time, because I can't seem to get myself across to her, and Goddess knows getting me to talk about anything is like pulling teeth out of goldfish anyway. I have to try, but I don't know what I want from her. I don't know what I want from anyone, least of all myself. I want her to tell me what I want, and she won't do it. She shouldn't do it, but I still want her to someone, anyone, please.

I was going to get up early and make ONE MORE FUTILE ATTEMPT at my graduation check, but I think I am going to let myself sleep and see if he is making REAL appointments after break instead of FAKE, WALK-IN ones.

Administration is of the devil. Frankie D. Minor sits on my lip when I pout and sits on my shoulder and tells me to kill.

maybe I will spit up more later if I don't go to bed. Everyone shine.
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I am only updating because I can't go to bed until my nails dry.

Random flashbacks: driving the Bitchwagon through campus at home in December of my senior year, listening to brat's dumb Lunarock tape (second English Sailormoon album. contains one of the world's top three scariest Beatle covers)(that was back in the antipookie days, before I discovered the wonders of mp3) and licking up my LipSmackers raspberry sparkler. It comes in a tube with a little sponge and is the nicest thing in the world.

I associate different periods in my life with different flavors of LipSmacker. Summer after I graduated was pink lemonade. First semester here was cinnamon sugar and red raspberry. This semester is "golden butter cream." I can't FIND all my old ones and am annoyed. I liked cinnamon sugar, and I KNOW I didn't use it all up.

Enrique-san, I feel your pain. I am depressed that life isn't like high school. Isn't like the last year, anyway. Even though I spent it all on my butt chatting just like now, it was somehow more appealing. Biskit would come tap on the basement windows when the line was busy and freak me out.

waaahaaaah I used to be so cute. ring my pocket bell and

I did play in the lab for a while. It has occurred to me that I may not even realize when I have it working right, because the damn things run the Java so slowly that I have a sneaking suspicion the animation is not in...real time? whatever the term would be. knowing me, I'll end up poking at it tomorrow between class and appointment, decide it's prly fine, and turn it in. sigh. I can't do it on pookie, because he has it doing this C native interface thing that I cannot//don't know how to make work in Windows. the library path.

So koi for him.

I don't actually have very much to do the rest of the week besides that. spit on my evilpookie homework since he went over more examples in class. stupid Russian mailing list question. maybe I can do that before class tomorrow. I need to have everything done before evilpookie on Thursday anyway, so I can pack up after that. yes. it will be lovely.

OKAY, the network is having shits now, so, if I was having a conversation with you and just disappeared, that's why. It had better not take more than twenty minutes; I want to go to bed.


there we go.

DAMMIT I have found Sailormoon episodes to download. why can I never get to bed before one.
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