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I am back and mostly alive.

Thatboy's family didn't quite destroy me completely. I like his mother and aunt and am afraid of his father and uncles, which is how it usually seems to happen. I am always afraid of everyone's male relations.

The dog liked me. I dislike dogs. I am not yet quite sure I've forgiven that boy for being so amused when it jumped at me and I ran downstairs making high-pitched squeaking noises.

I wish his dad wouldn't tell ME to make him get better grades. as though I can do something about it.

Then I came home, decided our house was too filthy for me to stay here, and vacuumed and dusted the world.

I had a whole list of shit to do today and haven't done any of it except my nails. I think Hector and Biskit want me to go somewhere with them tomorrow, but I need to do other things and don't have any disposable income to go shopping at the moment anyway.

I had extremely traumatizing dreams all last night. I don't know what was up with that.

Today was also Ultimate Pookie Destruction Day. the monster box ("Bitsy") in the other room has DOS on it now, and I am attempting to feed it Win 3.11. I put the antipookie's hard drive in it just to see what would happen...exactly what happened in the antipookie. Windows would load, and then it exploded. sigh. Seeing my old desktop was lovely nostalgic, though. I shrieked and made mother come look. I so miss 3.11. hopefully I will have it again soon. I need to find an old monitor somewhere and dig the anti's power cord out of my closet so I can quit taking Brat's. and try to find my PS/2 to serial mouse thingie. dammit. that came with my last mouse, and, at the time, I thought, Why the hell would I ever want a serial mouse?


AT keyboard holes bother me inexplicably. thatboy gave me a cute little lavender adapter thingie. The anti keyboard is missing the dash/underscore key. it works, but the top part is apparently floating around in the bottom of my closet somewhere.

I have been home for...25 hours.

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