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WELL, so much for ever sleeping again.

wah. no one is online or awake for me to play with. I was lying over the furnace vent in the dining room, trying to thaw, and mother stumbled out of her room to go powder. She didn't notice me until she came back and stepped on my hair. (apparently we are none too alert at four in the morning, sans glasses.) She asked the eternal, rhetorical question, "What are you doing on the floor?" "warm air. can't sleep." "Can I get you anything?" "no." "Afghan?" "I have my blanket. GO AWAY."


I am pondering giving up and having my shower, since it's obvious I'm not actually going to fall asleep now. This is mostly annoying because I'm going to have to get up at six tomorrow morning so I can be ready to leave by eight.

I went back upstairs and drank juice and ate the crackers Dad left on the counter. When will they learn not to leave food unattended in this house. If no one's watching it, I consider it fair game.

I only really like food if I'm stealing it off mother's plate.

I want someone to plaaaaay wiiiiiiith meeeee. Someone build me a nice androgynous robot to keep me company when everyone else is doing mundane things like sleeping or being in class or out with human friends.

I could boot my Pookie up and play Pac Man. bratPookie was already awake, so I let mine sleep.

I'm still hungry.

Why do all my pseudo-paragraphs begin with I.

I think that is the last time I take 2000 mg of vitamin C within four hours and then try to go to bed. I think that, the cold medicine, and my perky pill are fighting in my brain. I wish someone would shoot me between the eyes with a tranquilizer dart.

Date: 2000-12-25 12:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
they start with'I' because it's your journal.


it's quite logical really :)


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